are we there yet?..

I have been in my own funk lately.

Very detached, lost and just listless. I cannot say I have been depressed. I think I just feel a little disappointed with how some things have turned out.

Not anybody’s fault. But I think it is a phase. I am really hoping it passes.

I love my city. I love Raleigh. It is such a quiet, peaceful, beautiful city. I have grown more and more fond of this place over the years. I was driving by one morning and feeling a connection, a sense of belonging and oneness. I was thinking of how I felt when I landed here. I am still in awe and still struck by the beauty of this place. Except now I know it more. I know many ways to get to a place which makes me proud. I do not rely on the gps or the maps for my way around the city.

It has been good weather wise the last two days, just like early Fall. But just heard today on the radio that we will be pushing nineties all next week. Which I did not welcome. But a part of me is pushing back the arrival of Fall. I think the wait is a lot nicer. Cause when it is here, it is here. It is done.

This semester so far I feel like I have not been studying. I do not know what to study honestly. I am enjoying my microbiology class and I keep up with the slides and the lab stuff but that is it.  And this other stupid class ‘Technology and American Society’- I mean first of all, why it is even a Nursing pr-req, I don’t know. It is just boring. Boring. I need a challenging class. I just need to finish these two classes, get into that program, finish and be done.

I do want to get back in school for a higher degree but later. I need a break.

I don’t even know what else to talk about.

So, that will be it for now.


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