have my hands full..

I have a big microbiology test in 2 hours.

I have two big assignments due in the next 2 days.

I really don’t want to study anymore.

But I start Nursing School in Spring.

I want to be a nurse. I want to earn an adult paycheck.

I want to be a kickass nurse.

I am overflowing with thoughts and ideas.

Most of which are a spur of the moment excitement. But that sort of stuff keeps me alive and going, you see.

And I need to calm down. As of this moment.


2 thoughts on “have my hands full..

  1. I’m having the same sort of day here! I chose to shut down and stuff myself with frosted cookies and scalloped potatoes while watching cheap tv. I mean, to prevent a complete horrible breakdown I HAD to. I also cried a lot and am now all puffy and stuffed up.

    Side note: I am dying to have the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette.

    1. I am sorry to hear that and I completely, completely understand. Sometimes, I just feel sad for reasons difficult to put into words and logic. The logical side argues that I have nothing to feel upset about and I am rather ungrateful,but the other side just feels this huge darkness and emptiness. I feel hopeless during those times. But then, I also manage to get over them- with help. Just a good gesture by someone or somebody listening to you. I hope you feel better. Crying is good, I feel. And while you are sad, you are treating it the right way- mindless T.V and junk food is the way to go. Love you.
      PS: When I earn that big’ger’ paycheck, we are back to our swaps.

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