the stuff of my dreams..

I had this weird dream last night. Although, I must tell ya guys outright, none of my dreams have a normal quality to them. And I believe, I dream every single night. I love my dreams, they are very psychedelic and if closely investigated, one may find elements of everyday concerns and some of my  deep-seated issues, featuring heavily.

Anyway, so the dream. I decide to take off with a friend and his wife quite unexpectedly to Africa.

1) I think I dreamed of this particular couple friend of mine because I feel like they do lots of travelling and fun stuff. May be.

2). I think it was a safari thing in Africa because I have been watching ‘The Big Cat Diary’ on Netflix on and off and I really would like to visit the Masai Mara in this lifetime. Really.

So, then we take off in a very oddly shaped plane. More like a jeep.

John is not in the picture, but I feel like my parents are lingering somewhere in the scene.

Upon reaching the place, I spot a bunch of friends from here. Real life people from our once thriving group, none of whom I am particularly close to.

One of the girls is naked and unfazed that she is naked.

3). That part about being completely unfazed that she is naked is because I have always thought she was ‘weird’.

I see that Vincent has magically appeared and is staying very close to me. But he is a black cat instead.

4) That is because no matter what, Vincent stays mostly by me. Now, he enjoys being petted by John more but he always ends up sleeping by where I am. And, yes, I love that. I love that I am ‘chosen’ by him.

But sadly, one of the members of the group scares him away and he jumps somewhere and through the rest of the coherent part of the dream, he refuses to come out of hiding.

Now, I really do not know what this means. This whole dream I mean.

But it was nice and weird. Dreams are such fun.

In school news, I am still anxiously waiting to see the grades of the big test I had on Monday. I really like waiting for grades. Good suspense.

My school’s Fall break starts tomorrow, which means nothing for me. I will be working tomorrow and day after. Have the normal weekend off but I will be using that to study for my first lab exam next Wednesday. Right after ‘Fall Break’ ends.

Tonight is the we-are-on-our-own for dinner night. Some nights we alternate making dinners for us. But every now and then I crave some really basic home-food(like, Indian home).  Most Fridays we don’t cook.

Just thinking of the 5 am wake-up call tomorrow morning is making me tired. But very conveniently enough, I cannot fall asleep as easily as now, at night. Even the apps that are supposed to help you sleep don’t help. It is all in my mind.

And in the last piece of information that isn’t important at all, I started watching ‘Breaking Bad’ from the very start yesterday.Again. What a brilliant show! ugh! It just hurts.


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