no place like here..

I walked out of the hospital and I felt this strong sense of Deja vu. It felt so Fall-like. You know, that typical crispness, slight chill and the lurking reminders in the air of an impending tumble into the Holiday season, the festivities, the cold and the winter.

I felt happy. I felt like rushing home to my comfortable place.

I just love the feeling of going back home. Yes, I am a home-body. I love spending time inside this safe and warm cocoon that we have created here. We two, our furry two. It is my ideal set-up, yo!

Have been watching a lot of ‘Breaking Bad’ lately, Jesse Pinkman is rubbing off on me.

Speaking of that show, I think I am understanding some of the finer nuances, central themes and subtle imagery much better. What a fine display of acting! I want to kiss their talent. If that is a thing.

Work was,well, work like today. Busy at a constant pace. Not over-whelming but not a relaxing day. And, yes, I still want to be in this field.

Sweater-weather is here. Finally. I am still on the look-out for that big chunky sweater.

But meanwhile, a girl can dream. Right?


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