a beautiful post

Okay, sorry for the cheesy and snarky post title. I just suck at those. But I wanted to share some of the current products I am using/loving and may be you guys could throw in your recommendations and stuff too!

Okay, so these are some of the new skin-care stuff I have been using.

The husband and I normally share cleansers and moisturizers. Now, if that is not cute, I don’t know what is. (don’t roll those eyes now!)

Jeffrey James eye cream, Pure Anti-aging Night cream, Paula's Choice cleanser
Jeffrey James eye cream, Pure Anti-aging Night cream, Paula’s Choice cleanser

We (more, I) decided to try something from Paula’s choice. It is supposed to be designed for very sensitive, gentle skin, is free from all nasty chemicals and is never tested on animals. John is the one with the more sensitive skin. Save for a few breakouts here and there, I would consider my skin type pretty okay. So, we ordered this Skin Balancing oil-reducing cleanser to try out. It has just been a couple of days, so we cannot comment yet on its effectiveness. Something tell me it is good. But that could be hoping desperately for it to be good. Cause it is Paula’s Choice and everyone raves about it. Why be left out.

Hmm.. Social pressures.

Anyway, so just incase anyone was interested, it has no scent and even a small amount lathers up well. I have been using it morning and night. We ordered it off the site and it was $16 even. Shipping was free btw.

I got the eye cream and anti-aging night cream from TJ Maxx. I seriously bought them just cause they were super cheap and I needed something in that category. I wanted to take better care of my skin since turning the big 3 0 this year. I guess I do not know if they are doing anything noticeable.  Will report back later on these.


These are two new hair-products I have been using. I got this specific anti-breakage conditioner because I have been having massive hair-fall lately. I have only tried it twice, so am hoping with more uses it will reduce the amount of hair breakage.

And I use this beautiful smelling oil on my damp hair, mid-shaft towards the ends. Then I just comb it through and blow-dry. I love the smell of this product- a very soft but wonderful scent. I think that is what makes me like it. I also like the packaging. I am very easily sold on such things.

Aquolina 'Pink Sugar'
Aquolina ‘Pink Sugar’

I debuted the ‘Pink Sugar’ perfume for the first time this Fall. I love this scent for cold days. So sweet, sugary and warm. I can smell this right now and I love how my body chemistry and this scent work wonderfully together. I would hug and sniff myself if I were not me.

You know?

I have been wearing Zoya’s ‘Louise’ on my nails, for the past 2 weeks. Such a deep chocolate brown. A good matte formula. Something right up my alley. This is from their Fall 2013 Satin and Cashmere collection incase you wanted to know.


These are two last make-up items I am enjoying using.

I love this Milani lipstick for days when I want to wear lipstick but I don’t want to make it look like that. It is a good neutral color. ‘Nude Creme’. This is how its swatch looks like on my dry skin.


And I bought this Jordana eyeshadow pencil in ‘Tenacious Brown’ after hearing a lot of beauty gurus talk about it. Jordana has been coming out with some good stuff lately. This is a good solid matte brown shadow. Very pigmented. Infact it is a little too good. Like, one needs to work super fast with this. I used it all over my lid and tried to smudge it out as fast as I could cause it can set very quickly. After some smudging out, it looks really nice.


I am happy with this product.

And also with today. Gloomy and cold. What is not to like!


One thought on “a beautiful post

  1. I love Argan oil. It smells so good and wonderful.

    All those products look amazing. The only new thing I am using right now is Elizabeth Arden’s cleanser for sensitive skin. Chris and I use the same face wash, too! (We used to use the same body wash too before he got partial to the Body Shop’s lemon gel and shampoos as well, before he got really worried that he is going to lose all his hair and be bald like his father so he switched to Nioxxin instead).

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