October 21st, 2013

After a great great afternoon spent at the Diwali festival organized by the Indian society here in Cary, we had a house situation sprung on us out of nowhere. Well, I guess that is the nature of emergencies, they come out of nowhere. That is universal of them and hence fair.

A water-line under our kitchen sink burst and water just sprayed out and filled the kitchen floor and poor John tried his best to turn all sorts of valves, but it was hot water and it was scalding his hands.

We got in touch with an emergency number of our apartment’s maintenance unit after several attempts and had somebody come take a look at it. But unfortunately, two days now and the problem has still not been resolved. We had to turn off the water supply from the street so as to not rack up a huge water bill. We turn it on now for showers and toilet breaks. And have been filling up our bottles and such. They say a plumber is going to stop by today at some point. I feel upset. They promised someone would come yesterday but no one did. I can still let it slide because it was a Sunday. John is much more relaxed and forgiving. But this kinda negligence just brings out the Mohapatra in me. (my family name, in case you didn’t know). We joke about these things- like some situations bring out the Pautsch in him and some the anxiety-ridden Mohapatra in me.

Well, anyway, so I will wait for them.

It is good that I have so much running around to do that I just have to focus on the more important nursing school stuff. Speaking of that, good lord! There is so much to do. I hate paper-work. It overwhelms me and I just feel like something is going to go wrong and one day somebody from the FBI is going to come with a warrant saying 10 years back you forgot to sign here and so we have to arrest you. I can picture being handcuffed and kneeling down in front of the great almighty US government.

I had a bumpy start to my day. I had a class this morning in the hospital as part of our ongoing training. I woke up early, fought stop and go traffic and landed at my hospital 15 miles away only to find out the class was at the main branch 5 minutes away from my home.

So, after brushing off the initial disappointment, I decided to stop by the Occupational Health office and atleast get some nursing school paperwork taken care of. Which I did, successfully! So, not that big of a bust after all.

Then, I decided to go to Chick Fil A’s to have coffee and a breakfast burrito. And I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of fast-food chains and all that,but man I love McD’s breakfast burritos a whole lot more. It was a weird time of the day to be out of the house and not working or not in class.

I felt like I had not seen Raleigh at that time of the day since a long, long time and it was a good feeling. All by myself, in the city, sipping my coffee, reading my book, nobody to bother me and the weather being a big nippy outside.

I got some other errands taken care of and then decided to come home. I have an afternoon class. I would rather not go anywhere and just stay close to the cat and dog.

Want to give a shoutout to John for not only deciding to take me to the Diwali festival but for also being a great company there, for a good weekend up until the water-line burst and also after that by taking care of us all and our water needs.

Thanks John Patrick!




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