falling into place..

Slowly but surely my paperwork is falling into place. It always does, eventually. I just freak the fuck out every time. That is just my nature.

Guess why? Cause I hate paperwork.

I stopped by my doctor’s office today after work and picked up my immunization papers. And Lord be praised, I am immune to all the 500 million stuff they wanted checked. And polio too! Like, what were they thinking? But, yes, it came at a very very heavy price, the bill for which I am yet to receive.

Well, anyway, big hurdle crossed. Next up is urine test and then I will be all done.

This semester has completely lost steam for me. I have no motivation. I still complete stuff on time, try to do well and study but its not the same. I have a big test coming up on Monday and I have lots to study. But will I put in as much effort as needed- God knows!

Work was busy but not crazy today. There is a lot of difference between those 2 words. And I got to work with two of my favorite nurses, that just made everything alright.

Tonight is John’s dinner night, so I can sit back and relax. I should study, but again, will I? I should though!

Tonight is vegetable lasagna. That makes everything alright too.

I have decided to lay off buying things for myself-unnecessary things- for a bit. I really do not buy a lot and the times I do, I seriously get stuff on great, great deals. Will almost feel bad for passing up kinda deal. But I think I have enough for now.

(Took a long break and now am coming back to finish this draft.)

time is 7:25 pm. I took a nap  and now am up trying to study a bit while John finishes making dinner.

I am kind of mildly obsessed with these sites these days. They feature awesome deals and everyday is a new deal one cannot resist. It is just not cool how everyday there is something I am this close to wanting to buy. But I have not caved in. Yet. Just this once.

Spent the best $6 bucks of my life and got this pretty mint necklace. Yes, free shipping too!

Although, shipping is not free always, this one was. I am kinda into baubles and chevrons and polkas. I am not trying to push this onto you all, my gentle readers, but must you want to join too, why not use my referrals? Get on it and give me, your friendly nursing student blogger, a few points?

Okay, here goes:

This is my birchbox referral.  http://birch.ly/17Y6bH3

Check out Groopdealz and click on this referral link here

And check out these websites, no referrals, just for your viewing pleasure.

Jane and TheChicOrchid

Let me know if you guys liked anything.

Well, guys, off I go. To study about the body’s immune system.





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