my baby blue..

You know the best part of maintaining a blog and recording your life on a digital forum? You can go back to it and re-live some of those emotions and feel happy. Even the sad posts make me happy. Like, hey, it is all in the past now and I survived that.

I have been going through some of my posts from this time last year. I wrote one about Sandy on October 29th last year and it was fun reading about the year-younger-self’s thoughts. Also bought back some details that I had completely forgotten. Weird!

So, if I do not feel like writing a whole lot, I will just add a link to some of my favorite old ones. Will be good to revive the oldness.



Today, I have done nothing worth talking about. School, studying for a test, being at home, walking the dog, appreciating the beautiful sight outside, the changing colors everywhere. Yep, that’s pretty much it.

And, in additional news, I am just having the worst case of baby fever, NOW, now, when am this close to starting nursing school. Damn! Good timing, hormones.

I think it is not entirely because I am crazy about becoming a parent but mostly because I am crazy about ‘us’ and I would love to see us as parents. Plus, a little me? God! that would be surreal. I cannot even imagine.

Anyway, back to studying and dreaming.


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