Vincent updates

It has been a rough couple of weeks here. Will not lie. I have had no desire to come here and write even though I claim that writing is such a therapy to me. I just completely withdrew into a nervous, teary-eyed wreck. If you know me at all, you know how much I love my cat Vincent. He has truly been my biggest life-saver for the last two and a half years. He has made every single day- both good and bad- better just by his presence in our home. We love both our pets a lot but it is no secret that I am immensely fond of my little vinny poo. He is my baby, my friend and my happy place.

That poor, sweet cat has been through hell and back. It all started on halloween day with a harmless barf. It has happened in the past, so we cleaned that and moved past it. But upon returning from work that afternoon, I noticed how he was not as interested in food as he normally is, he was just looking so worn out and out of it. The next morning I was almost ready to head out the door for work, when I noticed how tired he looked. He was making very heart-wrenching sounds and trying to constantly use the litter box without any success. So, I did what every pet mommy should do- called out of work and took him to the first animal hospital that opened early. Fortunately, it was just 10 minutes away and also, fortunately, is a great place!

He had a blocked bladder and he had to be catheterized and hospitalized over the weekend. I was so not prepared to part with him, it just happened so suddenly. I cried all the way back home and for the first time came home to what seemed like a much emptier home. That felt like the worst weekend. But boy was I going to be proved so wrong in exactly a week again! Who knew! So, anyway, somehow we dragged through that weekend, I shed many tears and spent many moments just pining for my buddy. They said that they had drained his bladder and had removed his catheter and were waiting to see if he peed on his own. We mistook that to be a sign of everything going great and brought him home Monday with a bunch of medicines and prescription wet food. The next 2-3 days were just so, so gloomy and depressing because I was checking his litter constantly, shoving pills down his throat and hoping he would not get blocked again. For a male cat, blocking again is a high possibility when they block once. Last Friday night, Vincent was again moaning and sending out these help signals all over again. So, I called an emergency vet hospital and we took him there at 7 in the evening. It was a beautiful place but so gloomy. Its where your pets go when they are sick. I felt so, so shitty. My sweet cat was so helpless and in discomfort. So, we did the same thing again – catheterize him and brought him home around 10 at night and by morning, he was blocked again! That was 3 strikes!! That is when they decide to perform a Perineal Urethrostomy (PU) surgery on a cat. They basically make a male cat pee like a female one by opening up the pee hole to prevent crystals from blocking their narrow urethra.

This was last Saturday. I cannot even describe right now how I felt. They explained to me some complications as with any surgery, no matter how routinely it is performed. I was just a mess. A mess. I was so afraid that if something happened to him, I was going to spiral out of control emotionally. His surgery was last Monday and although they said it went well, there was some ‘bleeding’. The female doctor had a slightly serious tone and scared me into thinking this was bad. We went to visit him that evening and my heart was just breaking for how exhausted that poor guy was from all these vet trips, hospitalizations in a strange place.

But a male doctor had a much nicer and calmer outlook on the surgery and said that this was normal- a little bleeding and that he had stopped considerably. We let him rest that night and left early. We went to see him again Tuesday and he was a little more alert and receptive to us. He let us pet him. The bleeding had stopped some more, even though his bottom looked very swollen and bruised. Quite expectedly so.

I have been visiting him everyday this week. He has become more and more alert, less and less uncomfortable and looks more like my buddy Vincent. He still has a little plug like thing in his former penis, so that the stricture stays open. They were going to remove it today and see how he does. Please say a little prayer for my cat. Everyone did and I thank you guys so, so much for that. If he pees well and the hole stays open, he is going to come home with us on Monday. He will come to a home where everyone loves him and misses him.

I have noticed my mood change to a much happier one. I feel so much less stressed and less irritable.

Here are two pictures from some of my visits with my best bud.



Thank you once again for everyone that said a kind word to me during this stressful phase and for those prayers. They really did work. I just cannot wait for my champ to come back home to us and pee as much as he wants to!


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