sipping on some fancy tea..

I am so hoping my little vinny gets to come home tomorrow, healthy and happy. I miss him just so much. Like, right now, I am studying upstairs in the bedroom and John is downstairs watching TV. And  I know that vincent would be laying right here on the bed. May be not too close to me cause he knows I just bother him too much but despite all that trouble I give him, he still preferrs staying closer to me. If that is not love, I seriously do not know what is. And I miss that I cannot rub his little head, look at him and just observe him and feel de-stressed that easily. He is my happy place. I am so thankful that so many kind souls said such nice things to me during this trying time. There is this cat-lovers community on fb and I have been asking them so many questions about this surgery and what not and I am just touched by how much concerned they are. Also, relieves me that despite there being horrible people who do horrible things to animals and helpless children, there is also this huge group of people who adore and love animals.

I mean, you have to look at it that way.

So, am tucked under our warm comforter in bed and trying my best to study this utterly boring and life-sucking topic about the history of technology and stuff and sipping a very fancy tea that I got in my November Birchbox. I seriously love Birchbox. I have previously said this, but not everything you receive is great or useful, but what you do love and receive is worth the $10. I used up some of my reward points to get a new Miss Jessie’s ‘Creme de la Creme’ conditioner and Miss Jessie’s ‘Original Leave-in conditioner’ for free! I said, for free! and I have some leftover reward points as well.

How cool! All you have to do is write reviews on samples you receive in your box by the end of that month to be awarded 10 points. Plus, every time you buy something from their site you get points. If anyone is sold and wants to sign up too, please, please use my referral. We all get points. We are all happy. Let’s not be catty now.

Here is my link. http://birch.ly/17Y6bH3

We have been bracing ourselves for some big vet bills coming our way. Life will be a little tough for a few days. I think I spent a whole lotta money in the past 2 months just for nursing school related stuff. Vaccinations/ immunizations/ drug tests/background checks/finger-printing- seriously, ouch! Plus, nursing school scrubs, shoes, and some other miscellaneous stuff. I asked John to just buy me a stethoscope as my Christmas gift for this year. Am getting nothing else this year. I guess I am fine. Everything else can wait. Although, I would like to give John a really nice something for his 30th birthday which is coming up in a month plus of course Christmas. He can only get on one occasion this year. Well, we will see!

I am getting really excited for nursing school to start. I already talked to my manager about going supplemental as far as my job goes. So, that will also hurt us a bit since I might not be able to work as many hours. I will be in school full-time. I think once we get past these 2 years, we will be a lot stronger and comfortable. This will truly be a testing phase. I have heard nursing school to be extremely time-consuming and challenging.

Am I up for it? I hope! But I have a feeling it will be a tough 2 years.


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