not on this Monday..

So, Vincent did not get to come home today. He is peeing and eating well and is generally doing good, but he also popped a stitch and the vet wanted to make sure it was nothing too bad.

I was very, very upset. I still am. I have managed to convince myself that this is for his best interest. What is one more night when he has already been away from home for more than a week? Well, I will tell you. It is a lot! I miss my cat so much and I cannot tell you guys enough how my heart is breaking just thinking how much he has gone through and just how crazy strong he has been all through. He is a miracle cat.

May be tomorrow is the day. May be. I will be hoping for the best. I have work in the morning, so that will make the day fly by. Then I have to swing by my doctor’s office to get one more vaccination that I somehow missed out in the paperwork. But the school conveniently reminded me of it and gave me a tight deadline to get it done.

I swung into action and called and made an appointment for this with my doctor tomorrow. So, phew! That could have easily thrown me out of gear. I was very fragile when school called me. I had just found out that Vincent was not coming home. You would think one bad news would not follow another- no matter how ‘bad’ bad is. But no, I/you/nobody is entitled to catching the proverbial break. So, let us just suck it up and move on.

Well, anyhoo, I changed and decided to go to the vet’s a bit early to see my little cat. I petted him, watched him eat and wanting to get out of that cage. I talked to him a bit. Today for the first time in all these days that I have visited, he actually seemed like he wanted me to stay. He let out a sad meow and that was it. I left after controlling myself and then went straight to school.

I had to go over my exam paper with my instructor. I did well in that test. That was the test I had to study for all weekend when Vincent was first sick. I seriously do not know how I managed to study but I did well. I even found that the scantron had marked a right answer wrong, so I got an extra point. Now I have 101 out of 100. Yeah! my teacher has a weird grading method.

I feel good about this. Why shouldn’t I? I worked hard for this and this is a little something going for me.

I am not not being humble but I also want to say it is what it is.


My dear husband decided to stay at home and watch the big football game tonight with me.With me! I am the most un-football buddy ever. But we are having some beers and just hanging on the couch and sitting in a happy quietness.

I like.


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