No real purpose here

It is 75 degrees and balmy outside today!! I seriously cannot comprehend this. And at the same time in certain other regions people are just braving snow and blizzards to travel for the holidays. It just seems unreal. I have been using unreal a lot lately. Is it of any significance? Or should I just not over-analyze this?

Well, we have opened up our windows. It reminds me of summer and I kinda do not like it. I am in a cold-weather mindset. This is just throwing me off. We will be driving down to my in-laws tomorrow afternoon for our Christmas celebration. Not celebration really, but just to be away for a bit. The weatherman said things will start to cool down by Christmas eve and it will be cold, as it should be around this time of the year. I have to work the day after Christmas and so we will make our way back home Christmas day.

One of John’s friend is visiting us and so yesterday the boys (yes, they are still silly young boys at heart) spent the day sipping beers from all over the world, watching tv and then we played some ‘Cards Against Humanity’. It was their weekend. I hung around for a bit but I really do not always get everything and I get tired of asking every time ‘what, what’!!

I still stayed up pretty late and went to bed around 1. That is like way, wayyy past our bedtime these days. Not much on the agenda for today. Washing all  our scrubs now, including my new ones for nursing school, running the dishwasher and then I will do some packing for the two day trip. Yeah, so really, not a whole lot going on. I wonder why I even wrote this. This was one of those filler posts. I felt like I needed to write just for the sake of writing.

But did want to share the picture of my December Birchbox.

IMG_20131215_163726I am enjoying using that teeny tiny sample of that cream and the perfume sample.  I really love perfume samples.  I am not a fan of the highlighter thing and I have only used the non-aerosol spray once. Oh! And I did get a silvery hair tye, the kinds that look like bands, ya know? Festive indeed.



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