another Christmas later..

So, how was everybody’s Christmas?

We spent our’s at my in-laws. Just the standard- lots of food, wine, ‘family’ time and of course the visit to the church.

I do not mind really. I mean, I really I do not mind. To me it is not one of those highly controversial things to lose my mind over. But a church trip to me is just a series of singing songs, saying ‘Lord’ a million times, standing up, sitting down, standing up, sitting down and then finally standing up again. I just want to sit. That part bothers me.

But it is one hell of a place to observe people. So much is written all over people’s faces- they way they intently cling on to every word of the Father, or the way they seem to not care much about this whole thing and have come along only for the sake of family.

John made me watch ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ and ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’. I loved watching them.

Well, all the good food and pampering aside, I am glad I am home. No place like your own home where there is dog fur and cat fur everywhere, where I can eat on the couch and watch TV, where I can stretch and lay like a lazy bum in my pjs all day if I wanted and where my heart just feels at absolute peace.

I listened to some of my old Physiology lectures on the way there and back. I really do not know why am I doing this now. It is not like as soon as school starts we will be jumping into those topics. But I am doing it anyway. I really just want to refresh my memory and feel confident of those topics again. What I should be doing is studying for a dosage test on day one of nursing school.

I will soon enough.

So, all in all I have been fine in my little cocoon. I got a really awesome Christmas gift from my sister and brother-in-law and I am so happy and grateful. I will post some pictures soon!

Take care everyone!


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