wrapping it up..

The year of my first car misadventure on icy roads on 25th January. The year we finally started sleeping on a bed again like grown ups. Packed a wonderful lunch one April afternoon and had a little picnic in the Museum of Arts garden. Visited the New England area with my parents and stayed in some top-notch places. All four of us flew together for the first time and I enjoyed every minute of it. I might have even found my most favorite getaway ever. Visited my sister and family in Michigan after 4 years. Turned 30. Wow! Got a tattoo. Started a new fashion blog. Closed it down as well. Hey! I tried. Got better at applying nail polish. Did not cut my hair at all this year. Got my nursing school acceptance letter. Worked hard. Enjoyed being a homebody even more. Finished all the 9 prerequisites this year end. Whatsapped a lot. Cried in front of my mom and dad for the first time in years.  Watched some good TV.  Cooked a lot.My precious cat had to have surgery and needed our love and attention. Got my precious cat back to myself, all healed up and happy.Finished my semester with all As. Got better at being myself. But still let people affect my self-esteem. Finally might be weaning off this constant need to facebook. It has not been any quieter in my head. Fell in love with my husband some more. Seriously, I did. Husband turned 30 too. Talked about babies a lot more. Listened to classic rock all year. Felt thrilled about it.

All in all I will say a good year.


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