the big day…my big day, it is here..

Tomorrow is the big day! I finally start nursing school. Everything that I had been working so hard for, all the excitement and looking forward to finally culminates tomorrow. And you know, I am much more nervous than I thought. Not really nervous like one feels before finding out something bad but a more apprehensive and good nervous. I need a little bit of nervous energy to keep me motivated and prevent me from getting complacent.

Everybody has told me that this will be a tough 2 years and lots of hard work and sacrifices. I am only now feeling the strength of each of those words. ‘Tough‘ ‘hard‘. I start feeling anxious. But I keep forgetting I have been through a Master’s program here in the US and that really gave me a good first taste of what a higher level school program is like. And I managed to survive that. So may be I will manage this too. Sometimes I just need other people to tell me this and hearing that, that which I already know, makes me feel stupid for getting so worked up.

Well, anyway. I have to be at school at 8 sharp for a test. First day of classes and there is a test. I have been practising stuff off and on the last few days. I feel okay. Not confident but not underprepared either. I have no work shifts this week and while that will mean a smaller paycheck, I am kinda okay with it. I want to soak in this first week of classes and get an idea of what to expect.

I wanted to do like a fun blog of all my favorite products of this past year but do not feel like it now.

I just want to mention this latest favorite product of mine. TheBalm’s ‘Nude Tude’ palette that I got from my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas this year.

It is such a nice, compact little palette. The color selection is great- has more variety than my Pixi ‘Soft Focus Fresh’ palette and the colors are so, so pigmented. I have a few favorite colors that I have been reaching for more than others. Before this, the Pixi palette was my only legit palette and I used it most of the year. I still love it. It has more softer lighter neutrals plus the cheek and lip colors. But the Balm one has more variety in my opinion.

Here are a few quick pictures and swatches.

From L to R - stand-offish, selfish, sexy, sleek
From L to R – stand-offish, selfish, sexy, sleek
the darker end of this palette
the darker end of this palette




One thought on “the big day…my big day, it is here..

  1. I am so excited to hear about your two year journey to being a nurse! More importantly, I AM SO FREAKIN’ PROUD OF YOU!!

    PS – glad you love your palette.

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