my life now

Olga, my friend , this is kinda for you. 🙂

A week and some days have already passed since my first day of school. I have meant to write this earlier but have not had a chance. It is nursing school. Things are getting busier by the day and I have not reached the crazy, mad helpless girl stage yet but I can see why nursing school is well, nursing school.!

Right now, more than the actual content, the amount of content is just too much. One has to study 10-20 pages from 4 different books for one module. Besides reading up stuff online of course. And besides, being already prepared for class and lab and a million practice questions online. So, this makes it overwhelming.

I have been going to school almost 4 days a week. I return home by 1-1:30 in the afternoon at the most and decide to study away like a champ. But somedays I have just felt lost. I have no idea where the hell to begin from even though there is just so so much to do.  And I end up doing nothing, like a champ.

I have really not established any studying pattern yet. I am really going by what comes easily to me. I might have to switch up my schedule or reading style. The first exam will definitely be an eye-opener. I am feeling a little nervous about that because that is coming up fast and if the grapevine is to be believed, then nursing school exams really chew you and spit you right back.

Today was another milestone of a day though. Was my first ever clinical rotation. I am on a cardiac floor now. A brand new hospital and all. Today was all about orienting to the unit I will be spending the next 2-3 months on and I have to say, I am so far liking my clinical instructor. She bought us all 7 students breakfast and even bought us our first folders and notebooks. That is just incredibly nice of her!

We were assigned a patient each and we had to go in and do a safety assessment and communicate with them for a little bit. Now, here is where all the hospital experience really wins. I did not feel nervous going in to my patient’s room and interacting with him. I can only imagine my gut-wrenching fear if I were like brand spanking new to this whole culture.

But things went well. I am very excited and ready. There is a lot of pre and after clinical work to do. I think I will be busy for the next 2 years and I am thankful that it will distract me from the problems up in my head for a bit.

And I really do not tell it nearly enough, but boy would I be lost without the support of my husband. He has been just so understanding and supportive about all this. I just got lucky ,knock on wood !


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