everyday ho-hum routine

I feel like I am just studying all the time now.

This is the high point of my life. Yeah, it is definitely getting busier as we speak. Not so much the content as the amount of information right now.

I woke up at 6:15am this morning for my clinicals. Had a fairly okay day. We started doing head-to-toe assessment on patients today. Listening to their heart and lungs, bowel sounds, checking their skin integrity and general state of being. It is extremely interesting. I am so amazed at our bodies. That lub-dub sound- It happens all the time! All the time! Our poor heart, it does so much for us. I feel for it.

Clinicals got over at 12 and then after debating whether I needed to stop and get something to eat on my way home or not, I finally decided I would rather go home and make myself a fried egg and some toast. I think breakfast food is just one of my favorite kinds of food.

Then, I took a little nap. And yeah, pretty much since then I have been studying.

I love it. I really do. I am not complaining when I say I study all the time. But there are those moments when things get overwhelming.

When things do get overwhelming, I have the cat. I pet the shit out of him. I love him like a crazy woman. I have the dog. I look at how he behaves like a little puppy when John gets home. I doubt there is anybody as happy as him then. Seriously, I wish Vincent showed half of that kinda affection to me. But I know, he is a cat. He is different and I am obsessed with him as he is.

I am again debating about birchbox. One of the lighter things I think of when I get stressed out. So, I have enjoyed Birchbox. Not all products, not all boxes but I really do think it is worth the $10. But, I am again not able to keep up with the samples. $10 now is a little more than it was before since I work like one day a week. I probably will cancel, if not this month, may be the next.

Not before I make a purchase with my reward points. Here are some things am considering.

Mally Beauty Lip Magnifier
Mally Beauty Lip Magnifier

stila_customcolorblush_900x900Stila Custom Color Blush

Camille Beckman Body butter
Camille Beckman Body butter
Caldrea liquid hand soap and lotion
Caldrea liquid hand soap and lotion
Oribe dry Texturizing spray
Oribe dry Texturizing spray
Mary Lou-manizer
Mary Lou-manizer


Woah! Clearly I am greedy. Especially when I have like an opportunity to get a product for free.

I am going to have to sleep over these important decisions of my life, you know!

Oh and today I completed 2 years at my current work place. How cool!





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