a new place to find me

One more week of clinicals over.

I woke up at 5:15 am yesterday, got ready quickly and went down to make myself a green smoothie.

A handful of kale leaves, bananas and some frozen mango chunks. Added some Greek yogurt and blended away. I feel so good about sticking to this goal of mine. God! It is a turn on. I am notorious for not being able to stick through. Not that I do not want to or I love seeing myself fail, but just somehow I have little success with goals.

So, this is very encouraging.

Anyway, I left home about 5:45am and was there at the clinical site by 6:10. I then went and looked up labs and other information about my patient. Not much had changed. He was a good patient this week. Which kinda makes paperwork a bit of an effort cause you have to now dig for unseen problems and issues which might arise later.

I talked to the night nurse about any changes in condition and then just let him know that I was going to be this patient’s student nurse this morning and that I would love to listen in on the exchange of shift report as well.

So, after all that, we generally go about first getting a set of vital signs and doing blood sugar checks if ordered. Next, we go in and do a head to toe assessment- listen to heart and lungs, bowel, check for circulation and look for any abnormal findings.

I had a very kind and pleasant 78 yr old gentleman as my patient this week. You know, you just see some people and you feel this beautiful kind aura about them  immediately, the kind that restores your faith in humanity, he had something so heart warming about him. I could not understand much of what he was saying, he had a very thick southern accent, but boy he was a complete pleasure to work with.

I sometimes find myself wondering if I have started thinking more as a nurse and less as just a CNA. I hope I am. Right now, all the information I am acquiring in theory is not always necessarily applied in clinicals. Like, I might learn about a particular heart condition and the symptoms patients with that condition might manifest, but it will not make much sense if I do not have that sort of patient that week and I realize this is not in anybody’s control.

I definitely feel like I am learning a lot and I definitely feel like there are a few things that I have started subconsciously applying to my work as a nurse aide, something I did not do earlier.

Less than a month left of this first semester. It has been a busy time. I am looking forward to a short well-deserved break.

Tomorrow is work and then back home to study and do clinical paperwork. Something I look forward to a lot. :/


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