this week is my week.

If there is anything I have seen come right on time, like clockwork precision almost, it is my monthly visitor friend.

Yep, I am on my period. I have a huge zit growing on my forehead, the kind you can see all the way up from the Moon and despite my best intentions of leaving the beast alone, I have only irritated it more and now it is hurting and gross to look at. Win win!

What a wonderful reminder of turning old. I will be 31 this Saturday. I do not even want to go into my thoughts over this age thing now. I did that a lot when I turned 30 last year and kind of emotionally drained myself. Now, it is just 30 plus one extra year. And so on and so forth it will be.

But, I think I am going to go out on a limb and claim I am happy to be turning 31 a full-time student, in the process of reinventing myself when I could have settled for a good pay, stable software job, with a few people I call friends and who I genuinely like and who like me back and with the good old husband, dog and cat. It is just a mellow, mature and more reflective phase I am. It is not mellow as in boring, just not teenage fun may be.

And I don’t think I ever was that, so!

Well, am trying to study about IVs and piggybacks and all that now. Only second day of school and I feel overwhelmed again. Just like I did last semester. I just need to stop, take a few deep breaths and do what I do best. Study at my pace and enjoy learning and not comparing myself with others.

Here is to a 4 day countdown to my birthday weekend!


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