happy 31st to me!!

And just like that, a wonderful, almost unreal 4 day weekend is coming to its inevitable end.

I had been off, off from school, work since last Friday. I mean school stuff is never entirely off but I had allowed myself this weekend, it being my birthday and all that. And why would I want to torture myself with studying when I was turning 31. Listen, whether you turn 3 or 31, it is still a big deal. I had a wonderful birthday. Everything was so damn awesome.

I even went out on a limb and expressed that I had a better 31st birthday than a 30th because I guess I was going through a major emotional upheaval on the whole ‘turning 30’ thing. And as much as I love my parents and their presence, I felt like I was under a little pressure last year. I just felt like why the fuck am I so happy to be turning 30, still a student, still a loser and still nowhere on the social ladder.

But this time, it was me and my husband and I felt like an adult. I did not have to measure up to anything and I was whoa! I am turning 31 doing what I am enjoying, doing great at school and having come a wee bit closer to where we should be/want to be on the social ladder !!

You know?!? It made a difference. And no, I love my parents, not to be construed otherwise.

Anyway, we had Indian food for lunch, we went to the SPCA to play with the animals and then we went out at night for a few celebratory drinks with people I really wanted to hang out with. I really had a great day.

I did very, very little studying this weekend. I can sense a little guilt trying to creep in. I will have to step up my game if I want to continue to do well.

So, before this weekend comes to a complete close and we all go back to the grind, here is to a great birthday, an awesome long weekend and a remembrance to people who died fighting for their country.


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