yet another day of our lives..

I had a great 3 hr intense lab this morning from 8 to 11. I did not sleep well and enough last night but I did not feel sleep deprived in the lab and I feel like it was one of the best lab sessions I have had. The labs we used to have in the first semester were kind of crowded and it was just not possible for every student to ask as many questions for lack of time and to practice as much.

But today it was a smaller group of students, two good instructors and a good amount of time to practice. I also felt a lot clearer on certain topics. We actually practiced what we learned in theory and that helped so much.

I am just happy today. Happy that things are clearer and not as difficult as I thought when I could not visualize it.

I took a little break after I saved this draft because I lost my train of thought.

Coming back again to today’s lab, we learned about how to flush IVs, hang a piggyback, how to play with the smart pumps and draw up meds and all. Tomorrow is trach care and chest tubes and all that. I hope tomorrow is as interesting and organized as today. It made such a big difference to my attitude and interest levels.

I personally feel like so far the second semester of NS is more organized than the first one. Not everyone agrees but well, that’s my opinion solely.

I came home and took a long nap. Had many weird dreams. One about a fox. There actually was a fox who lived in the bushes in our backyard and he gave us a good scare a couple of times. We have not spotted him in a while but I hope he is okay wherever he is.

Then, we had some wonderful joyous summer evening thunderstorms. I love summer thunderstorms. They are so punctual. Almost every evening around the same time. The earth smells great after that and the fresh wet green everywhere is just so,umm, so soul quenching.

And yet another day has come to an end. I think I am going to lull myself to sleep by laying on the couch, watching Frasier and having a furry little cat curled up right by your butt.


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