today is Friday, everything else can wait

I was this close to starting an IV on a patient on Wednesday. This close. I had opened the supplies, I was excited, nervous, scared and everything that one should be before starting their very first IV but at the very last second the doctor came in to tell the patient that he was being discharged. That patient was so kind though, he still wanted me to practice on him but my instructor would not let me and for legitimate reasons.

A part of me was disappointed because if I had done it, no matter how unsmoothly and hesitantly, I would still have gotten over that first-time fear. But another part of me was relieved.  I have a particularly strict instructor this term and I think I would have fumbled more with her watching my every move and breathing down my neck. She is nice but has a very stoic look on her face. I have trouble reading her. It has just been 2 weeks and I have 5 more weeks of clinicals, so may be I will read her better by the end of it all.

I really cannot wait for this term to be over. I come home everyday and put a huge cross against that day. One more day over. I can then visit my home and see my parents and eat home food, take naps, not study, enjoy a little carefreeness. Oh the fun I will have! I cannot wait.

Today is Friday and that is all that matters right now. I am happy and having some nescafe and at home with my fur babies. My little corner of this huge, over-spilling cosmos. While this moment lasts, it is all mine and I cherish this feeling.


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