and just like that..

Just one more day left in my home. I am starting to feel all those too familiar heart-wrenching, mopey feelings all over again. I thought for some reason this time I would be stronger and more in control. I do not know what made me think so.

I am going to miss my mom and dad so much. My home, the two little birds who have no idea about what is going on outside their little world and I think I will miss the surreal world that is India.

I feel happy I visited. So many old sights, emotions, feelings came back to me. There are so many stray dogs, so many of them. I loved watching them. They exist so well right next to people, not a very complicated relationship. Nobody seems to care too much for them, some do, but nobody also seems to mistreat them. That part is very comforting to me.

And cows! Just standing so majestic and mother-like in the very middle of the roads and not budging for anyone or anything.

It sounds like an experience out of this world. One that must be experienced if possible.

Then, my dear parents. No matter how adult like one thinks one has become, they can never cease to count on their parents for moral support and courage. I am just going to stop here.

I have to mentally prepare myself for the long, treacherous journey back home and I can already dread the first signs of stress-induced fever coming on. Ay aye.


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