beep beep bop!

So, whaddya know? I got Bronchitis son!

haha! I just cannot say it and not picture Sweet Brown. The good news is I am doing a lot better. I still have lots of mucus left that I am coughing up  but I feel better and I sound better as well.

I went back to work after almost a month this past Sunday and believe me, I wish I had not. Just something sinister about that shift completely broke my spirit. It was a combination of a difficult patient group, a nurse not helping out as much and my weak, feeble body and spirit not letting me take it in my stride. I mean working as an aide, I have had bad shifts. Hell, every shift is hard work and that is even on a good day. But I just did not like day in general I think. There is one thing when you have a patient who is crippled by his/her sickness so much that they cannot do much for themselves and are just at the mercy of their care-givers. But it is a whole different thing when your patient is just bossy and demanding and expects you to drop everything you are doing to attend just to her. And think of aides and nurses as their personal servants. Umm, no, I have NO mercy for you. Sorry! You need to wait and you need to tell your adult son to get up from the couch and move his unemployed ass to help you with atleast drinking water when nobody can be there. I was annoyed, ugh!

So I came home and fell on the couch like a broken, defeated soldier. The not working many hours sucks and hurts my paycheck but honestly, I am glad I do not do this work a lot. An aide’s work is just plain and simple back-breaking and physically exhausting. God, I cannot wait to finish and be a nurse. Move up, do something involving my brain.

Anyhoo. I had been having some existential and identity crises, so I had a talk with my husband. Not that it resolved all my problems but it helped. So, I woke up a lot chipper Monday morning. Infact, so darn chipper that I had a crazy idea. Crazy for me atleast. I decided, since I love to have money to spend on the shinier things of life, to go and talk to my old manager at Loft to see if they were hiring part-time. Like part-part-time. If you told me a few years back that I would even consider ever working two jobs, one of which was just for pleasure and spending money reasons, I would be aghast. Really! And It probably is not the best of ideas considering how little time NS leaves me with, but it sounded good then. I have not committed or anything, still debating it. Let’s see. 

But on a side note, I love Loft. Yes, they are like a little too expensive but I love that store. I want to live there. I would like to be surrounded by that rather than diapers, suction equipment and rectal tubes for a change. No, I still want to be a nurse. I just feel l cannot be an aide without feeling all drained out.

I did a mini-haulin yesterday. I am lately enjoying stripes and this tee fit me well. Plus, me and candles go back a long way.



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