crazy as she goes!

There better be a huge, huge thunderstorm coming our way, cause it is fucking hot! It is a hundred degrees. I am reminded yet again of why I cannot wait for cooler weather and how I am essentially a cold weather person. (but then again, I wait for summer when the cold becomes too much. So, basically, I am just like you and, you. Fickle and human.)

Today is my day off and I got to sleep in till 9. It was beautiful and I will do it again and again. After my customary cups of coffee, checking all the relevant and irrelevant social media sites and walking the dog, I actually did something that made me proud today. I actually trotted off to the gym and ran on the treadmill for like 15 minutes. Not only is the part about going to the gym awesome, but the fact that I ran, RAN, on the treadmill is just liberating. I finally let go of my fear of flying off the treadmill once I start running. Yeah, that was a big pet peeve of mine. Let this date, the 2nd of September, 2014 be forever etched in my mind as the day I finally conquered a big fear.

Well, I was sweaty and all and I loved it. Then I went grocery shopping. I did also stop at Target to see if I could pick up a sports bra or two. Man, those things are just not easy to fit into. Especially my girls. I hate my girls some days. I know people pay a lot to like get boobs like them but ugh! 

Anyhoo, I hope I can keep up with this every other day running schedule I have decided for myself. I want to be healthy and yes, I do not want to put on weight. And nursing school has been silently tricking me into binge eating and taking to alcohol after those intense studying days. And the scale did not even flinch. It promptly put me in my place.

We had a good weekend. After work, We drove to my in-laws. I think this time I was very excited just to get away, enjoy some home food and some relaxation. I think I had been thinking about how awesome it was to be home and was secretly craving just another round of it.

We went to a small winery in Troutman  and sampled a few of their wines. Nothing stellar but worth a visit atleast. I do not know that we will ever appreciate the dry, fine wines that wine lovers swear by. I like mine a bit on the sweeter side.


We baked some peanut blossoms and even though it isn’t Christmas yet, I was wanting to learn how to bake them and yes, eat them.

Yet another reason I gotta run cause I love cookies. Nothing can change about it.

I need to get ready for a super long day tomorrow at clinicals. And the cycle goes on. Leaving you with a fun nail art I did last week. Me and my two friends have decided to do weekly challenges to push ourselves and just have fun. I cannot wait to paint my nails after clincicals this week. 🙂




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