I feel terrible that I have been such a no show on my own blog, my baby. I just don’t even know what is going on.

I have a million things to say and rant about and just share with the other self-analyzers but its a complex combination of lack of time, lack of motivation and fear of a blank canvas and living up to the potential of a blank canvas that drives me away.

I have been fine. Busy with school. Started my 3rd mini-semester in August. Doing Mental Health and Pediatrics , mostly mental health though. Did not enjoy peds clinicals, mostly because it was just 4 days and we were not allowed to do a whole lot due to safety issues, so really, I did not feel like I learned a lot. Although I did get to work with a 1 month old little boy which gave me serious baby fever and I also loved, loved this little 6 yr old  patient my second week. He was so sweet and so well-behaved. He put my fears of dealing with children to rest. But he might be the exception I think.

Mental health is great. I have to drive out to the country to go to my clinical site but it is a good place, the staff are superb, very very nice but (there is always a but) I hate the paperwork. It is just very soul sucking and time-taking.

I start Fall break tomorrow. And Lord knows we all needed it. We need this time to rejuvenate and get ourselves recharged. We do have some plans of doing something, a day trip may be, let’s see.

I am heavily into nailpolishes these days. That has become my biggest weakness. I never thought things would come to this but I enjoy painting my nails. So darn calming! Ugh.

Here are a few of latest. That is all for now.

Butter London 'Wallis'
Butter London ‘Wallis’
Butter London ‘Artful Dodger’
Zoya 'daul'
Zoya ‘daul’
Milani 'Gilded Rocks'
Milani ‘Gilded Rock’

This last one by Milani is oh so, so beautiful, it almost makes you want to cry. I could not stop staring at my nails when I wore it.

You need this in your life.!


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