Come as you are, as you were…

Yesterday night after a all day studying marathon session, when I finally realized that nothing else was going into my brain, I started re-reading some of my old blog posts from circa 2011. It was very endearing and fun and I used to write a lot! I was surprised that I blogged that much. I was happy reliving some of those emotions- when I was not sure if my financial aid would go through or not and whether I would be able to start pre-requisites for nursing school on time, my uncertainty over my career choice, our marriage and some of the fragile moments , and of course some of our precious memories! I decided, man, even if I do not have a whole lotta time on hand these days, I should atleast try to blog more frequently. A few years from now all this will be a memory too and I want to cherish them.

I know, right now, I get terribly impatient about when can I finish school, be a RN and have my career. And things have taken time but things have a way of working out. I might miss being in school a few years from now, who knows! Life is just sometimes best left un-understood.

I had a big exam today and I studied so freaking hard for it. I did great, a 96! wuhoo, am back in business. I kinda scored badly on the 2nd test. See, for me, passing is not enough. I know I can do better. I am not saying I need to score an A every single time, because it is very difficult in NS I have realized. I do have high expectations of myself- that’s my Indian-ness right there. This week is packed with action: last clinical day tomorrow, then Simulation, where we get to show what all we learned in clinicals, then ATI, which is like a nursing licensure prototype exam and then finally the big final on Friday. We then get a short weekend off before we jump into the next 8 weeks of med-surge.

I love learning. I have been learning so, so much ever since I started school. It makes me feel so powerful and empowered. I just feel a high. Nerd alert.

Anyway, some new nail stuff to end this post since that has just become my thing.

These Wet n Wild polishes were BOGO free this past weekend at CVS, plus I had extra-bucks rewards, so I paid 50 cents for 4 polishes!!  (not pictured is a base coat.)

L to R- 'Caribbean Frost', 'Burgundy frost', 'Eggplant Frost'. All by Wet n Wild.
L to R- ‘Caribbean Frost’, ‘Burgundy frost’, ‘Eggplant Frost’. All by Wet n Wild.
The eggplant and green shades on my hands. Yep, that's right, wearing two different nail colors.
The eggplant and green shades on my hands. Yep, that’s right, wearing two different nail colors.
OPI 'Miss You-niverse'  Gorgeous purple.
OPI ‘Miss You-niverse’
Gorgeous purple.

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