hello, hello, hello..how low!

Am officially mid-way through this rigorous, one mother of a nursing program. Wuhoo! Honestly deserve a pat on the back for that.

This is my weekend of fun, fun and relaxation before we dive headlong into the second mini-mester.  On the one hand am not ready to study , AGAIN, but on the other I desperately want to finish. So, let’s do this!

A bunch of us went to Centro after the exams to celebrate and just unwind. All of us were in the same clinical group in the summer and our instructor’s psychotic ways drove us all closer. We suffered the summer clinicals together, so we get it. You really do learn to lean on each other through this program cause nobody else truly understands. Just like a lot of other things in life.

Even though my final score was kind of lower than I expected, I finished with a high B, which in my book, is a winner in nursing school.

We have a wedding to attend today and weddings mean a new dress to buy. After a little exhaustive search, I settled for a navy blue lacy number from Target. I think I was not thrilled with it but the more I look at it, the happier I get at my decision to buy it. The reception is at a vineyard, so, bless the couple indeed!I am so looking forward to primping myself and getting ready. I have not done this in a while with no lingering guilty feelings about neglecting studies.

I had recently ordered a pair of fleece lined black leggings from Groopdealz, it was only $6 and I thought hell, everyone seems to wear them around this time, so I will give them a shot. I do have a few pair of leggings and I did not think they were that great. But oh dear! these fleece-lined leggings are the bomb. I guess I did not own fleece-lined leggings, so there is a difference. It kept me warm and they fit wonderfully. I definitely will be ordering a few more colors when they have a deal next. So worth it!

I guess, that is all for now really!

Here is to all of us nursing students 😉


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