another brick in the wall..

Sundays are my preferred day to be down, down for no reason, to sulk and just mope around.

I feel drained, exhausted and slow-physically and emotionally.

I just do. I even had plans of going out to the mall for a bit so I could use my coupons for free stuff from Bath and Body works and I never, NEVER give up on these coupons. But I just could not bring myself to step out of the house. The most I have achieved today is getting
out of the comfy laying down position on the couch and have a nice warm shower. I feel clean and smell fresh. I feel a little bit more awake but I do not feel like I can go out after my many dreams and goals now. You know what I mean?!?

I have decided to also distance myself from the husband for a bit because I sense myself acting like a little spoiled brat now and  for no fault of his. So, I have made myself another comfy sleeping, relaxing arrangement in the guestroom bed, alternating between studying PowerPoints and watching YouTube beauty videos. Those videos and kitten videos always make me feel happy and shiny.

I am trying my best to stay on top of my studying game this semester. The class I am in now is just making me nervous. I feel like I will feel a lot better when it is done.

I attempted a cat themed Halloween nail art this weekend and it turned out awesome. Well, atleast I think so 🙂

And no, I definitely did not come up with it on my own, I looked at a lot of nail arts and got a lot of inspiration. Full credit to them. But I am definitely getting better at this. I have a few more nail arts I have lined up for the next few weeks and that truly keeps me hopeful for the blue, cold winter coming up.


I did not buy a single color just for this. I am quite impressed I have a good polish collection now. Next I want to buy China Glaze’s ‘Harvest moon’ from their Hunger Games Capitol Colors collection. It will be perfect for Fall.


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