a spot of bother..just a spot

The hardest part of my week is over. Done. Kappish!

Another week under my belt. This was a big girl week for me as far as clinicals go. I took care of two patients for the first time this week. You guys, I have so much respect for nurses. Having two patients to deal with kept me so damn busy all through my shift and made me appreciate what nurses do all day, everyday! And they manage 4-5 patients. I cannot even think of that right now. Hopefully, that will soon become something I just do effortlessly.

We also have a team leader each week. And I think everyone who was team leader really enjoyed being that too. It really gives you an idea of how a charge nurse works and how much responsibility it is over-all. I will be a TL the week before and the week of Thanksgiving. I was very apprehensive earlier but I am kinda looking forward to it now. Plus, its less paperwork.

I just feel supremely relaxed today. I have decided to not study today. I might regret it later but I am far too in love with this itty bitty freedom to care much for the consequences. I have work tomorrow and then the weekend to myself to study and catch up.

Plus, it is perfect relaxing weather. Gloomy, sullen, a hint of nostalgia. I cannot believe we are into November. While I love that time is flying and soon I will be done with school, I cannot help wonder that time is FLYING!

Leaving you folks with just a few pictures of my recent nails of the week. Really digging nail art these days!




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