Today was a holiday. I got to sleep in a bit. I worked a short and sweet 4 hr shift last night and came home around 11:30. I gorged on some slow-cooker dinner that the husband had made and went to bed and relished that ache in my body. Is it weird that I like that sore achy feeling? The fact that I was in a warm home, under warm blankets and besides a warm human body made that ache worth it. Do you guys catch my drift? It is tough to explain the going on-s of my mind.

But my sweet husband has caught a nasty cold. He even had to come back home around lunch time today. Terrible, runny,icky nose situation going on with him. I feel bad when my big boy is not feeling great. I also think he normally does a lot more for me when I am sick than I do for him. So, I really wanted to step it up for him today. I made him some ginger tea, just let him rest and relax and do whatever he wanted. He is right now using the netti pot and its funny, the noises coming from upstairs.

Too bad the day is over. Back to school and labs and projects tomorrow.

I try to think of positive things. How a time will come when am not in school. Atleast for a while. How we too can do things, buy stuff just cause and socialize because one of us in not always doing school stuff. And start a family. Speaking of the latter, we almost decided, me more impulsively than him, that we will start trying, like right NOW. NOW!

The more we talked about and the more we realized that we both were like really going to take the plunge, the more it freaked us both out. Not like to abandon the idea altogether, but to push it back just a notch.

I think I am okay with it.

We are getting there and you know, I am not baby crazy or one who only wants children and more children and that’s it, but I love us, I am crazy about us and I think it will be fun to see us be parents.

Holy Shit!


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