i will possess your heart..

What a dreary and depressing day it has been here in my city! Not good, universe! I had a rough-ish weekend, regardless of whether my problems were real, made-up, or not as real compared to one who are ‘really’ suffering, my problems got me bad this time. And, I wanted sunshine and warmth. Not this massive storm system that has parked its ass over my city.

Atleast it is not that biting cold today. But it will be freezing overnight and what do ya know, I have to wake up at the crack of dawn and get ready for clinicals. So, I have that to look forward to.

However, I am happy this week about clinicals. I am going to be Team Leader (TL) this week and the next and when you are a TL, you do not have as much to do paperwork wise. You still have to know the diagnosis, medications, treatment plans for the patients assigned to the team member in charge of you, but not write a crap load of paperwork about it. Paperwork sucks!

So, I have basically not done anything in preparation for tomorrow. I hope my team member is though.

(I completely felt uninterested in writing anymore that day. So, I saved the draft and am resuming it 2 days later on the 19th.)

I finished another week of clinicals. Huzzah! Small steps people, small steps! I was team leader this week. I liked it a lot. Good taste of over-all responsibility without too much paperwork to turn in. This is just way too good of an arrangement. I will be team leader again next week but we only have one week of clinicals since school will break for Thanksgiving.

It has been cold! <insert strange deep voice emphasising how cold it has been>

First freeze of the season today the 19th. I like keeping track.

I was so tired after clinicals that I came home, wolfed down some food and fell into a deep coma like sleep. Woke up feeling way groggier and weirded out by the biting cold and darkness. Winter is a weird time- my self-awareness and cosmic connections are even more heightened.

We have however been enjoying lighting the fireplace a lot lately and guess who has been warming his little body quite conveniently?

This little one.


Leaving you guys with a nail art I did last week. I loved doing it, exceeded my own expectations.

nursey nails!
nursey nails!

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