Thankful, for just feeling alive this moment..

What a perfect day to sleep in and have not a thing to do.

I can actually savour my hot coffee and not drink it in a rush to go someplace.

I have no place to be but right here, on my couch, under a throw and by the animals.

I started a tiny little break from school for Thanksgiving starting today. I had a super long day yesterday. Woke up at 4:45 in the morning to get ready for clinicals, then I had a dental appointment and when I finally came back home I jumped into the shower and let all the stress and tiredness melt away.

This morning a win and rain storm woke me up around 5 and I was just thinking, thank god this did not happen yesterday when I was getting ready to drive to clinicals. That feeling, knowing that I did not have to wake up for anything and that I could sleep through a nice little storm, was priceless. Am definitely thankful for that right now.

We are going to drive down to my in-laws today evening after the husband gets off work.

And although I am not looking forward to a few things (due to the MIL), and although I hate, hate leaving behind my little kitty for 4 days, I am very much looking forward to just getting away for a bit. Even if it means just to Mo’town.

I have been cooking a lot lately. And killing the cooking game. I made a marathi (from the Maharashtra region of India) dish recently- ‘bharli baingan’, little baby eggplants stuffed with a mixture of onions, ground peanuts, coconut and some spices, and it blew my own taste buds away. Long back  when I lived in the city of Pune, I used to sometimes eat at this elderly lady’s house and enjoy her simple home-made dishes so much, all for five rupees. Which was an amazing deal, kind of hard to believe. I would often wonder if I could ever cook like her. It seemed impossible to conjure then, the image of me cooking seriously.


But this dish I made the other day brought back those same feelings, except it was me who had made that simple, yummy meal. I was very proud of that feat.

We recently tried a pizza from this new place , ‘Capital Creations’ and since it was my turn to pick, I picked a all vegetarian pizza- white sauce, olive oil, garlic, tomato slices and mozzarella. It was seriously the best pizza I had had in a while. Holy Cow! I can still remember my taste buds going nuts over it.


And folks, I hope everyone across the world, regardless of Thanksgiving, is able to be at peace, conquer those nasty inner demons and is able to be proud of themselves, even if sometimes it is difficult to give thanks to oneself.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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