these days..

I am free. Free at last. Even if it is for just a little over 2 weeks, this time is mine and I can do/not do whatever it is I choose. I ended my semester on a high note, scored an impressive (in my opinion, atleast) 92 on the final, which bumped up my final average to 91. It is still not good enough to be a A in nursing school,but it is most definitely one in mine.

The day of the final was also my husband’s 31st birthday and I woke up early in the morning to make him a scrambled egg and bacon breakfast and arranged the bacon pieces to look like the number 31.Yeah, totally stole the idea from ‘Breaking Bad’ but isn’t it the coolest place to steal ideas from?

We had house guests for the last 2 days and while I enjoyed their company, I am also enjoying reclaiming my house back to myself. The peace and quiet is very important for a person like me. I need my ME time no matter what. I finally did my nails, 2 days after my semester ended, which in my opinion is late for a polish-addict like me. I think I will switch up my nails every day or every 2 days. Yes, I am going to live life on the crazier side everyone. I plan on cooking, cleaning, blogging and just playing with my fur babies and relaxing at home.

I was taking pictures of my polishes the other day, just was so in love with my growing collection and wanted to share some of babies here for the rest of the world to ogle at. I still think I have a medium sized collection when compared to some of the ones I have see on blogs/vlogs despite what my husband thinks.

Here are some of them organized mostly by brands:

My wet n wild megalast collection.
My wet n wild megalast collection.
My Zoya collection ( excuse the grubby finger prints.)
My Zoya collection ( excuse the grubby finger prints.)
my china glaze collection
my china glaze collection
random mish-mash

I have definitely become ‘that’ girl, that girl who has to put on nail polish in the car itself because the ride back home from the store is just too long. You know what I love, bare nails and a bottle of polish. Oh the prospects! 🙂

I love having a thing now. All of my friends now do their nails and think about me. I think that is the best compliment hehe!

And lastly, as usual, leaving you guys with my latest nail art

Christmas nails
Christmas nails

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