oh beautiful and ugly winter..

I slept in past 11 today. Man! That was a good and long, and might I add, a very well-deserved sleep. A tiny part of me feels guilty only because now I have less of a vacation time left staying active and doing nothing. But then I have come to rationalize this in my head as sleeping in for all those 4:30am wake-up calls, constant studying days and plus working on top of  those kind of days. So, dear stupid shrill voice in my head trying to make me feel bad about this, you can go suck it.

It is day 2 of being cold, bleak, grey and foggy. It is horrible. I mean this is the weather where if you were debating ending your life, you would tip over and do it. I have been feeling bad since yesterday and although I am better today, am still never fully better in my opinion. There is always that lingering feeling that I dread, that one feeling that can send me over from being okay to being completely out of it. But I finally made an appointment with a therapist yesterday. Go team me! I am ready for some help. The world won’t change, the people whose actions I resent won’t change and the people whom I don’t know but who have made this world such a scary, threatening place to live in will not change but I can change how I deal with them.

Fingers crossed.

I watched a highly stupid Indian movie yesterday. ‘Bewakoofian’ , meaning stupidity. Very aptly titled must say. I think it was a movie borne out of sheer boredom and an extra set of bonus money laying around. Get this. The boy gets unemployed. The girl sticks with him for a while but then gets frustrated with the boy’s frustration of being unemployed and makes defensive arguments like “you know, I have not bought shoes in the last 2 months” “I have not gone shopping in the last month because I have been lending money to you”. At one point I thought, the movie was going to end in a strange twist where the guy would find a decent job and find another girl. That would have redeemed the movie a bit ,like justified it. But no, the girl was right all along. She most definitely was the one who the boy apologized to at the end and they lived happily ever after!! I mean, hey, what is the moral lesson here?

Then I watched another strange but in a good way strange movie last night. ‘The one I love’ starring Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss. It was a movie that made me wonder if I had smoked some pot. But I had not. It was just strange and different. I recommend watching it if you are open to movies that don’t play by the rule.

Then later last night I started watching “2 States”. Umm, okay, I guess the feel of some of the newer and fresher young movies has changed now. I have not been living in India for more than 7 years now, so there’s that.

This is the latest product I have been loving. It smells so nice, kind of like a talcum powder from my growing up days.



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