take it slow

Morning folks!

Sometimes I think happiness is just waking up on a off day and relishing, not just having, a hot cup of coffee. It should be as simple as that. I am very notorious for complicating the concept of happiness, atleast even if I find joy in small things, my actions do not always convey that. I get tangled up in this mess of society’s version of happiness and I start comparing and just spiraling out of control.

Well, I am going to make an effort to stop and enjoy things that I really like. Like, starting with a cup of coffee and blogging.

Speaking of enjoying coffee, I also cannot imagine how this Indian tea addict suddenly is all about the freshly brewed coffee. When I was new to this country, almost 7 and a half years back, I tried to like coffee but apart from the idea of finally holding one of the fabled starbucks coffee cup in my hand, I just could not understand its appeal. But that first cup of coffee is special. I had ordered a bagel and the tallest cup of coffee at the O’Hare Airport out of a mix of nervousness and excitement.

Anyway, over the years, I have just become a coffee convert. I think it must have begun after my marriage. I do however feel that many coffee connoisseurs might not appreciate my slightly weaker and watered down version of it.

I have a day off from school today. I do have a dentist’s appointment later in the afternoon. There are not many things I hate as much as a trip to the dentist’s. Just loathe it. I had a decent weekend. I am definitely building up a social circuit of my own, going out, leaving the nest by myself and venturing out.

Oh and how can I forget my best achievement of last week. After 2 unsuccessful attempts, I finally started an IV.!! Oh My Freaking God..it is a huge rush.

Leaving you with some random pictures.

reminds me of a silk brocade fabric for some reason
reminds me of a silk brocade fabric for some reason


After years of wanting one, I finally caved in and bought a denim jacket that was on sale. I am going to live in that for a long, long time.

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