you should be dancing..

I had a decent day today. After class, I decided to head to this local coffee shop to honestly, mostly check out this place and to also do some studying. I am this person who wants to do all these things, explore new places, go by myself to coffee shops, get all my creative juices flowing and write and just basically feel like I am in some creative heaven, all by myself. But I often dread taking that first step- stepping out of the house for more than what is necessary. Yes, I just love being at home so much that it is becoming a bit too comfortable.

I talked to the cat and dog, as always, that I WILL go to this coffee shop, even if it is for just an hour. And I am so glad I did. It is a cute little place downtown. I had heard lots of buzz about it from some of my friends who do the downtown scene much more than me and decided that this will be my new thing of the day. Next up, is discovering another little coffee shop.

I had a small cup of regular coffee. I loved the coffee cup a lot. It was simple and very matter of fact. I also like the plain and simple white coffee cups that small diners often seem to use.


I sometimes feel I am not interesting enough to go have coffee with anyone. Just a part of my complicated thought pattern. So, I have decided to go by myself and explore these places. I like my own company just fine. I am quiet, silly and just the right amount of happy without being too much in my face. <insert sarcastic face>

I am applying for this awesome externship position with a good hospital for summer and would really like some good vibes from you guys.

Really, that is all from this tired, tired traveler.


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