Favorite Nail Polish Buys of 2014

If you are a nail polish fanatic like me, which is btw still very unsettling of a label for me, then you a) love reading such posts cause they just make your heart skip a beat and not in that horrible atrial fibrillation way and b) you know how hard it is to narrow down your big polish collection to a few favorites. So, I decided to just post about the favorite polishes that I purchased or came upon somehow in 2014 but polishes which are not necessarily new ones to be launched this past year.

This too was hard guys. 2014 was definitely the year of some serious nail-polish lovin’. I mean, the previous few years were just a tease compared to how much of a significance nail polishes played in my life in 2014. They were my happy place after a week of classes, clinicals and exams, they were my recluse when I was feeling lonely and down and they were just that extra bit of sunshine on the chirpier days. So, you get the drift? Let us jump in then.

Lighter colors first. L to R.


Essence ‘That’s What I Mint’ is a beautiful minty blue with very, very fine shimmer that almost does not show up. I like mint colors that are more mint blue than mint green I think. I just love this color so much and I think it would be great in Spring and Summer. Ironically though I purchased this in the dead on Winter when I could not resist a good deal.

Barry M’s ‘Blueberries’ is a bright baby blue pastel. I LOVE this color. So bright and so blue. I cannot say anything else. Perfect for Spring and Summer again.

Wet n Wild’s ‘On A Trip‘ is a beautiful periwinkle purple color. I bought this because I had been lusting after OPI’s ‘You are Such a Budapest‘ but decided I did not want to spend $7 + on it. I do not own the OPI one but I think they are not dupes for each other, but they do belong to the same color family. It is beautiful. Each time I wear a color like this, I just cannot stop staring at my nails. I feel happy.


Next up, Butter London’s ‘Wallis‘. Gorgeous olive gold jewel toned polish. Perfect for Fall. Just so gorgeous. But also, is it weird that for some reason it reminds me of tadpoles?


Milani’s ‘Gilded Rocks‘ is a heart stopping gold-pink glitter lethal combination. Just OMG. I LOVE this polish so much.


China Glaze’s ‘Ruby Pumps‘ is everything I had heard it to be. Gorgeous red with subtle gold shimmer which makes it look like it is glowing from within. In the sun, you might need special glasses, cause it is just so fucking beautiful. I cannot handle it. And I just could not capture its true beauty and the fact that I took this picture on a cloudy day did not help either.


This was my second ever OPI purchase. ‘First Class Desires‘ was from the 2014 Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection. This is a beautiful blackish-plum color with gold and eggplant shimmer. Very pretty and magical, especially in the bright sun.


Lastly, I purchased this ridiculously good and cheap topcoat from Sally’s by European Secrets called ‘Hoofer’s Choice‘. You need this if you are someone who needs their polish to dry quick cause every activity that will require your use of hands after you have just diligently applied polish will take place right after and if you are poor and you cannot afford Seche Vete. This was $3.49 at Sally’s. I googled a lot to see if it was Cruelty free but I unfortunately could not find any answer.

Anyway, it was a tough year and these were the very deserving winners.


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