under my umbrella

I had a good day today. Got to sleep in, got woken up by the husband acting really silly and sweet, was told by him that he would clean his shower (no prompting on my part guys!) and while I did not really study as I should have, I realized I am quite the blessed person. Love such mornings when these simple small things are the reminders of how truly blessed I am. I might sound sugary-sweet-smug but honestly, I am so the anti-thesis of the person I just described that it stings. Stings more to the people in my life who are doing everything they can to make me feel happy. So, I have to some days proclaim out loud the simple joys, the togetherness, celebrate the good health of me and my boys,of my parents, and just be thankful that we have what we need truly.

We decided to go to one of our happy weekend spots- the SPCA in my city. That is where we adopted our cat almost 4 years back now. We love playing with the cats and the dogs. That place just redeems my faith in humanity every single time. The volunteers there, their genuine love and concern for the animals and the visitors there with excited kids makes my heart full. I love it when parents tell their children to be gentle with the animals when petting them or playing with them. Makes me want to hurry up have kids, bring them here, teach them to be compassionate and kind, and raise good human-beings.

We played with one particular cat a lot. He seemed very friendly. My husband really liked him. But we really cannot adopt right now. May be later. It is my fantasy to one day own a farm and raise lots and lots of animals. It is also my fantasy to visit the Falkland islands and mingle with the penguins. I have many such fantasies.

After the SPCA visit, we decided to drive through downtown and just stop for coffee at this place I had raved about to my husband since visiting it by myself a month back. I honestly think I had the best earl grey tea I have ever had (tea which is not made like Indian chai) and apparently my husband loved the Latte he had. It is such a popular place that we couldn’t find seats, so we had to get ours to go.

I don’t know, I feel like I am happy today.( And when I verbalize those words it has to be a big deal for a person like me. So, I am not just saying it. In fact, I never just say stuff). Not so worried about the rat race and the social ladder we are on or not on. I am just enjoying the pace of OUR lives. It is not just a today thing. I want to work on it to make it more of a everyday thing.


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