if you must ask

A few quick and random things

I did not do so well on the second exam today. My mistake entirely.

I am having bad menstrual cramps.

The above two reasons are some of the reasons I am not entirely in a great place today.

The other reasons do not exist outside my head. They could be made up.

I am in love with my current nail polish. It is a gorgeous lavender periwinkle color and so Spring!

March is here. March is here. I love March. That is all.

I will be done with this difficult class in less than 24 hrs and then start one of my most awaited classes – Mother- Baby!

I have been studying non-stop since 1:30 this afternoon and I am building up quite an appetite for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, we are doing one of of my favorites- breakfast dinner. Scrambled eggs, sausage and country potatoes.

Tomorrow it is rumored to be in the 70s in my city. And, of course, the very bext day we have a wintry mix working its way to us.

I hate the words wintry mix.

Anyway, please pray for my big final tomorrow, mostly that I do not do stupid mistakes like today.

Peace out.


2 thoughts on “if you must ask

  1. Sorry to hear about today’s exam, curse menstrual cramps! All the best wishes for tomorrow, just believe you can and you will xoxo

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