things feel right..

I have never been THIS happy and excited about starting a new class. Usually, I like school, sans a few stressful days here and there but I have never felt this giddy with excitement. And it is just not me. All of my classmates who finished that horrible soul-sucking Legal class are equally vocal about their excitement. So, if you have been keeping up, I started Mother-baby today.

Right off the bat, I am already in love with one of the instructors. She is Hilarious. Combine a Southern accent with a really funny sense of humor and some chutzpah, omg, it really is something. When she asked us ladies to go home and check our cervix and went “Well, if you can actually see your cervix, then you might have a special job in the circus!”, I lost it.

Major excitement going on here.

My ATI pharmacology book came in the mail today. This book is all about meds and I am so very interested in diving in. In case I have a summer where I end up doing nothing much other than working, I will be found lounging by the pool with my big used-but-in-good-condition pharm book.

I also came across ‘Talking in Your Sleep‘ by The Romantics, umm, I love the Classic Rock station!

The other day while I was at Target I came across a Sonia Kashuk gift set consisting of tiny bottles of shower gel, body butter and eau de toilette of her bath and body brand. Ever since she launched them a couple of years back, I had been dying to try the shower gel in ‘purple seductia‘. I would always sniff it and think, one day for sure. Then I found this cute gift set which is a perfect way to sample a new scent. And the best part, it was on super, super clearance for under $6! I mean, it was a sign by the universe and Target marketing to just take it, take it NOW.


And I did and I am so darn happy I did. I smell beautiful you guys. I cannot stop smelling myself.

I am in a very relaxed mood today and I have lots of mental energy.

And despite the stupid sleet coming our way tonight after a beautiful, beautiful day yesterday, I am still feeling hopeful.


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