talking in your sleep

I am back after a mini-hiatus. Hey! I have done worse before, so this should not perturb anyone.

I am still on my Spring break. I am not doing a whole lot of productive things school-wise but I did knock out the long-due apical surgery yesterday morning. And boy does the left side of my mouth look all swollen or what! I am doing better today with pain and bleeding from my gums, but the swelling has doubled. I am feeling a bit self-conscious.

I also felt horrible and so, so fatigued yesterday and still feeling a bit today. Like, I have been hit by multiple trains, not just one. I have been resting most of yesterday and today.

I showered and got a bit of makeup on to feel better. Plus, I will be going to hang with my friends for a bit. I am actually wearing a skirt today for the first time. It has been warm and nice here for the last 2 weeks though. Some say we are not out of the woods yet as far as winter is concerned, but, I have a feeling we are. Atleast, I hope so.

We went to my in-laws over the last weekend. It was good. I tried my best to tune out certain things, at times I felt like I was failing and the horrible cycle of anger was starting back over in my head and at times I felt I was doing better.

I also got that awesome externship with the hospital I had applied to a few months back. I was so shocked to read that mail, you know, it was like something I had been wanting a little badly and then finally when it happened, I could not process it.

So, I know what I will be doing this summer. I will be busy and there is nothing like staying busy for a worry-wort like me.

I am just feeling too exhausted to try to sort through the many, many thoughts swirling around in my head and write something here. So, am leaving you guys with some of my latest favorite pictures.

Oh, and I got some Christmas cash from the MIL and I did not waste any time in ordering the Lorac Pro palette. Yes!!!

The husband bought me this nail polish yesterday as a cheer-me-up. Isn’t he a keeper?

Pure Ice 'Popping Bottles'
Pure Ice ‘Popping Bottles’
Popping Bottles over OPI's 'Miss You-niverse'
Popping Bottles over OPI’s ‘Miss You-niverse’

I did not do anything for St.Patty’s day, well except going and getting stitches on my gum, but I did don this pretty green.

Pure Ice 'Free Spirit'
Pure Ice ‘Free Spirit’
The evening sky and the little bird. Bliss!
The evening sky and the little bird. Bliss!

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