Goody two shoes Friday

I am having a good relaxed week folks. I had a long and by long I mean, LONG clinical day on Wednesday. It was my first mother-baby rotation. I was so, so nervous the night before. I had no idea, no reference point and felt terribly under-prepared. But after the first couple of hours of feeling lost, I was able to figure out what was expected of us and what to do. Plus, I am happy with my current clinical instructor. I think she is type A personality, a bit OCD if you may, but she is a good instructor and is not out to ‘get’ us. I also have a good team of all girls. They are fun to hang out with and talk to.

We had our first test on Monday. I did well. I just keep aiming for that elusive 100 but I think I am being way, way too hard on myself. It has come to a point where I am happy with a 98, just not that happy. It has to be a 100. Even a 101 will not do. I am stupid and that is the perfectionist side of my personality.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I have not studied any since Monday. We only covered a little bit since the test, so I am lacking motivation. I took up a tutoring assignment. I have always thought of myself as someone who would enjoy teaching, hence one of the eventual goals of my life being to be a nurse educator. So I decided to tutor a first semester student to see if how I feel about it.

We had our first session this afternoon. We only met for an hour and we went over a few questions but I really felt at home. I forgot everything and everyone for that one hour while I was trying to help her problem solve and figure out how to approach a question. I felt alive. I hope she also benefited from today. I sincerely hope so cause that is a big measure of how well you did as well. I am going to have a couple of sessions next week as well and not only is this a good experience for me, it also pays a bit. But honestly, money was not the motivating factor in this decision. I just really wanted to share some of my test taking skills with someone who is struggling. Not saying I am the best thing that happened to her and stuff, but everyone has a unique perspective to share.

Anyway, today as I was driving back home, I had an epiphany. And most of my epiphanies are not epiphanies in the real definition. Like, I do not stumble upon a new truth. I just suddenly gain clarity on an existing one but one that I did not look upon as something that deserved its own special moment. As I was thinking of tutoring, of all the animals that need our help and of the lower socio-economic class who have just been dealt a unfair hand, I was thinking of how I could help. Just help someone some way. And I thought, life has to be lived for a bigger purpose,a bigger cause. It just cannot be about oneself, or your immediate little circle. It has to be bigger than that. I am seriously considering getting involved. I just do not know what. And I know I am more interested in saving animals, seeing them get treated correctly. I also want to work with mentally challenged people. I really need to do something about my altruism.

And yes, while I feel/felt those big, powerful emotions, I am still a girl at heart and I too have little materialistic desires every now and then. So, on that note, here are some of my favorite things. In no particular order.

China Glaze 'Trip of lime time'
China Glaze ‘Trip of lime time’
Some of favorite Spring shades in the purple color family  L to R Essie 'Play date', China Glaze 'Secret periwinkle', Wet n Wild 'On a trip'
Some of favorite Spring shades in the purple color family
L to R
Essie ‘Play date’, China Glaze ‘Secret periwinkle’,
Wet n Wild ‘On a trip’

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