I have no excuses but I have a list!

I am currently on a glorious 3 month long summer break from school.

I think the above thought finally hit me at precisely 2:07 pm last afternoon when I was doing my nails and then did not like it a 100% but thought, what the heck, I can keep practicing for 3 freaking months!

I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest these days. I actually do make the numerous recipes I pin.

The last nail polish I bought was probably more than 2 weeks ago. It was this beautiful polish.

Wet n Wild 'Reject the Mainstream' from their 2015 Spring Silver Lake collection
Wet n Wild ‘Reject the Mainstream’ from their 2015 Spring Silver Lake collection

Speaking of polishes, I have realized while I love China Glaze and respect that they are cruelty free, I am not a fan of their bottle shape. Just something about it.

I am thinking of picking up a book from the library and reading it, you know, for pleasure. Have not done that in a LONG, long time.

I have decided to cook a lot over the summer. Get out of my comfort zone cook mostly.

I will bake myself a cake for my birthday. I think I am going to celebrate my birthday instead of expecting it to be celebrated and then feeling disappointed.

I am looking forward to the summer internship program but a part of me is also not looking forward to the long commute I will be making, which means really early wake up calls in the A.M. Gaah!

I really want a little vacation. The beach may be? I do not know, I just want to go somewhere, just us.

I am just not in the mood to blog these days. I cannot force myself to do it right now.

So, I am going to end this weak attempt right now.

Here is to hoping.


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