let’s talk, shall we?

I love the time in the mornings when I have my freshly brewed cup of coffee, read my regular blogs, surf my favorite sites, the quiet and alone time-just me and the animals, and all while I am still waking up.

Just feels good for the soul.

My back hurts in one spot from sleeping on the couch last night. I slept on the couch for two reasons. One, I did not want to be around the husband last night like I mentioned in the post below this and two, I wanted to do some late night netflix binging and did not want to wake him up. But now am paying a price with my back.

I have to go to school today for a couple of hours since I signed up for this one on one lab time they were offering senior nursing students this summer. I need a lot of practice and confidence when it comes to nursing skills. You might think that we get lots of chances to do just that in all the clinicals we go to. But sometimes, one just does not do as much depending on their patient/patients for the day. I have only started one IV successfully in 4 semesters. I got 3 chances but I was successful once. I am yet to insert a foley or do trach care. And trach anything scares the beejesus out of me. You know how every nurse has that one thing they cannot stomach? Well, its mucus and secretions and saliva for me. I just..I just can’t. That does not mean I can avoid it. I just have to suck it up and hope that those cases are rare.

I got a gift card recently from a friend who I had helped tutor unofficially. I did not waste anytime using it to order me soome more nail polishes. Yes, I will admit it, I bought 4 Essie polishes and Essie is NOT cruelty-free. I thought about it a lot and then rationalized it in my head that it was not my money and it was half of the price on Ebay, so really, I was not paying Essie. But it just sounds wrong. I feel bad.

So..we have started watching ‘Homeland’ again. We watched the first season some 2-3 years back. I don’t know what happened there but we stopped. Not like it was not riveting. Cause it was. But we started with season 2. Oh My! I love it.

Here are some pictures of polishes and nail arts for your viewing pleasure, dear one or two readers. 🙂

My nail art for Cinco De Mayo
My nail art for Cinco De Mayo
Denim and Floral-my take
Denim and Floral-my take
A whimsical Summer mani. My fav, love the color combinations.
A whimsical Summer mani. My fav, love the color combinations.
China Glaze 'Ray-diant'. GORGEOUS!
China Glaze ‘Ray-diant’. GORGEOUS!

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