something funny

You know that awesome internship that I kept talking about? Well, things have changed. I came very close to (and things might still be uncertain) not being able to do it. And the reason, in my honest and bluntest of opinions, is so stupid that it is actually funny.

Last Friday I had to go turn in paperwork of all my immunization records, get a urine test done and all that jazz that one does as part of new employment procedure. No big deal.

Then, all selected applicants for this internship had to go do a physical testing to prove they are physically capable of doing this job.

I have been working as a nurse tech for more than 3 years now, so, not a big deal right?


They made us lug, pull/push, lift absurdly heavy weights. It makes me so angry, just the thought that they would ask us to prove we are suited for this job by making us lift 80 lbs! Apparently, this is supposed to represent a patient who cannot do anything for himself. Did you know that in the real world, if a patient is too heavy and too weak to help, we always, always, always have two people atleast help? Did you know that we have devices specifically for such patients, like lifts, to help them stand and move? Now, pushing 75-80lbs is not a big deal. Even pulling I can manage. But I cannot lift that weight. I am not a trained weight-lifter. I have never had any sort of problems at work or inability to perform my job because I cannot lift weights.

Ugh! Makes.Me.Angry.

So, basically they said I was ‘not capable’. Those words sting so bad. And they did this to a bunch of people. Getting rejected for this???? Ridiculous, right?

The HR person however, called and rescheduled me for yet another of this torturous test because he believes I can do it and he was really pushing me to go just this once. And I went. The second time around I was able to lift 75 lbs but apparently it was with a lot of exertion. Well, no shit, Holmes. It was a lot for me. A lot. Is this not like unsafe as per OSHA? And they teach us in school and continually remind us to save our backs. This is a complete mockery of that. So, anyway, the final verdict is that as per the people who retested me, I am still ‘not capable’. But the HR person again said that those of us who could not clear their very high standards of testing, will still do the internship but have to sign a form of some kind saying we have weight restrictions. I am honestly not happy. It hurts.

And, things still feel so up in the air. Yesterday I was hoping that I do this internship anyhow. This morning however I am not sad. I am just insulted. If they keep going back and forth, I think I will just save them some time and say no thanks.

You now, being rejected for this for something like not demonstrating adequate nursing knowledge is much different than for not being able to lift 75 lbs.

Like, I said, the reason is so stupid that it is funny. Except I am not laughing.


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