July already?!?

It has been a while, hasn’t it now?

I have been super, super busy with this summer internship. I commute almost an hour each way 4 days a week. The weekends are much cherished these days. Even more than before. I have been feeling exhausted from all this daily commuting and stuff. I am pretty delicate. I need to work on building some physical strength. I am so spoiled by the 3 day work week of a hospital that I dislike working 5 days a week. Atleast that is what this internship taught me in terms of jobs I will be looking for when I graduate.

I slept in today. It was the perfect arrangement of sorts. It was cloudy and thundering and I did not have to go to work today. Aah! perfection. Then I had my coffee and did my social media browsing.

I always check these blogs.





And then of course, I always check out Groopdealz and Jane.

I love the above two sites. They have some boutique-y things at very discounted prices. I have mostly bought necklaces and scraves from these sites. I have only bought two dresses so far. Infact, the second one is still on its way to me. Since I am earning a full time wage this summer, I have been a bit of a bad girl. Just cannot control my urges at times. But buying from these sites does save me money. I am excited to get my goodies in the mail.

I am not at all a very craftsy person and I really envy people who are and also those who have a knack for decor and picking up just the perfect beautiful little things for their house. But as we were cleaning our closet this weekend, we came across a old cork board and I would have ordinarily just chucked it having no creative idea of how to re-use it for some other purpose. Instead, I chose to look up ideas on how to convert it into a jewelry board for my necklaces and I actually finished it!! That is huge for me people.

This is how the finished product looked like.


I love the fabric I chose. It is a white and gold chevron pattern and looks just right. I only spent $6 on this! Major win.

I was also admiring my blush collection cause you know every make up lover knows that they have to admire their beauties every now and then, or may be everyday. I have a okay sized collection. Everything except ‘coralista‘ by Benefit is cruelty-free, which I purchased 6 years back and only a year back hit pan on. I really want to add a few blushes from ‘TheBalm’ and ‘Tarte’. That is all.

IMG_20150712_181334 (1)

Aren’t they just lovely?


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