Thank God it is August first!

It is August 1st. Which means I have only 4 more days of this internship left. Which means, I did not quit mid-way through, which I had strongly considered at one point , and earned a bit more respect for myself. Of course, the good ole husband pushed me to not quit for which I was very mad at him for not supporting my decision to quit. But he has a reputation for being supportive like that. Annoying at times but most of the times pretty darn good.

We both have a shit ton of house cleaning to do this weekend. And all of it has to be done this weekend cause we have guests arriving next Saturday and we have to spruce up this little town house of ours.

We have been doing some major de-cluttering. It feels good. I have to organize my books and get ready for the Fall term. My friends are not going to like this sentiment but I am just SO ready to be back in school. This summer internship was not what I hoped it would be and I am just ready for my more steady school and part-time work schedule to be back already. Like, it sucked so bad that I actually am missing assignments, going to school everyday, learning and studying for exams! But I have to repeat, I met some great people through this experience. For that am very, very thankful!

Nothing much going around in this corner of the world really! It is still hot as fuck. I am still complaining about it. I am ready to complain about the bitter cold.

I am eagerly waiting for my ‘Mary Lou-manizer’ to come in the mail. I just had to have it. It was on my make-up lemming list and this summer internship made a few purchases possible. Oh and I am in love with the Cargo pressed powder.

That’s it for now.


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