7w4d- update

Original post written on June 22nd

Dear dear God! The nausea and extreme, extreme fatigue hit me in my 6th week. I have been so tired that even combing my hair has felt like climbing the Everest. Walking two steps has felt like a workout and I can feel myself breathing heavily. It is true that I was already a person whose stamina was never that good but this is something else.

And the nausea- Oh God the nausea! First of all, the term morning sickness is a misnomer. I feel nauseous all day everyday. I am going through a complete food aversion phase. The few moments I do crave something to eat, because you know, I need to survive too, I crave for very specific things. Home food is one of the biggest cravings but I have not felt active enough to cook. Its like the fatigue and nausea have ganged up on me on this one. I do feel like I cannot stomach salads right now. ugh bleh!

I first thought I would power through this nausea even though I felt and looked like crap. But I gave in and decided to try this prescription medication that my OB suggested. She gave me a few samples to first try and then call back for a prescription if I did found it effective.

Blood work came back great. Everything is fine. First ultrasound is on the 30th. I hope we get to see a heartbeat that day.

Things still feel unreal and abstract to me. I think I need to see signs of life growing inside me before I can relate more to the pregnancy. Also, I still kinda find it hard to believe that I am pregnant. I AM PREGNANT!


Trying to stay positive and happy through this pregnancy. That is my goal.


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