First Trimester round up

Now that I am in my second trimester, I can breathe a sigh of relief. Things are safe-r. Risks are down and am supposedly entering the honeymoon of trimesters. Although, I did start my 2nd trimester by throwing up after eating a banana.

Anyway, I wanted to record a recap of my health, my state of mind during my first trimester, so I could read it later and also may be someone else would enjoy reading it as well.

Nausea – Hell yes! Until 6 wks I felt nothing and I kind of secretly prayed for it so that I could experience a ‘standard‘ pregnancy. Also, I had read in my mother-baby class that the more the nausea, the more the hcg levels in your body, the ‘safer‘ the pregnancy. Not that the lack of nausea means anything bad, but I wanted to experience it anyway. And as an answer to my prayers, it hit me like a ton of bricks right around 6 wks. I went through an extreme food aversion phase. I lost 3-4 lbs. I never really threw up but I constantly felt horrible. Even the idea of food made me dry heave. I also had to switch to gummy prenatals.

Cravings– Naah! If I could eat something, anything, that was great. I only wanted Indian food. We stopped going out to eat, we stopped cooking dinners for us together because I would eat separate and my husband would have to eat separate.

My mood– Generally, I was Exhausted with a capital E and just worn out all the time but my mood had more to do with my internship. I hated waking up every morning and driving an hour and sitting there feeling shitty. I spent the entire first trimester at the clinic. Thank God though, it was not physically demanding work. Just a bit disappointing and mentally uninspiring.

My doctor appts– I had my first blood draw and first ultrasound appt. We were sorta in denial until we saw the little bean with the tiny arm and leg buds sprouting out. That looked like an upside down gummy bear and was just so precious. That was the first time I was in awe that there was a life growing inside of me. I still am in awe!

What am hoping for– a happy, healthy and relaxed state of mind which will help my pregnancy and our child too. I just really want to feel relaxed and at ease.

I will do more frequent updates now that am in the second trimester. I might also change up the format of these weekly updates to add more questions or remove some as I go. I am 14w 3days along. Baby, as per baby center, is of the size of a lemon. I did purchase a belly band last week. Not that my pants are not fitting but they feel a bit tight. Finally, I can let my flab hang loose and that is just awesome!

We let these two handsome creatures tell people about our news.
We let these two handsome creatures tell people about our news.
My 13 wk 'bump'
My 13 wk ‘bump’

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